Reliable and experienced demolition contractors

Do you want to demolish your existing property and build a new one?

No problem. Simply give us a call on 01371 707337 TODAY. Essex Drainage Solutions are not only drainage experts; we’re also experienced and reliable demolition contractors. We can handle all types and sizes of demolition project. Look forward to EDS delivering an excellent outcome to your required demolition job (domestic or industrial), with the best approach to handling your particular project having been thoroughly thought through first by our expert team.

EDS. The SAFEST way to get your demolition needs met

Our process starts by carefully evaluating the best way to demolish your building, drawing from years of demolition experience to determine the most suitable methodology. Using highly skilled labour and the most appropriate demolition equipment, all demolition work is then carried out safely, and at a competitive price. We understand that you want the work done quickly and efficiently, without frustrating delays (but also without rushing), and with zero risk to people or surrounding structures. The fastest way to get all that? Call EDS 01371 707337.

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